From Argentina and Latin America

Ex-Military Leaders Guilty of Criminal Conspiracy in 'Operation Condor' Trial

A court in Argentina has found 15 ex-military officers guilty of forming part of an international conspiracy to track and kill or disappear political opponents across South America.

Government Announces Tax Amnesty to Pay Pension Debts

President Mauricio Macri today announced a series of measures designed to cover historic pension debts, using funds brought into the formal system via a tax amnesty.

Bolivia Implements Gender Identity Law

The government of Bolivia has formally enacted a new law allowing transsexuals to change the name and gender that appear on their birth certificates and national identity documents.

Will This be the Year Argentina Approves a New Anti-Discrimination Law?

Despite recent advances in gender rights and equality, efforts to approve a new anti-discrimination law have so far stalled in Congress. LGBT groups are pushing for this to change in 2016.

On Macri and Entrepreneurs

President Mauricio Macri wants to turn Argentina into a "country of 40 million entrepreneurs". But José Natanson warns that this vision is unrealistic for the majority of the population.

Why We Should be Defending Argentina's Media Law

The 2009 Media Law may have been imperfect - and poorly applied by the previous government - but the changes decreed by President Macri mark a big retreat for plurality and competition in the media.