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About Us

With more and more publications falling into fewer and fewer hands, much of the mainstream media has become a vehicle for consumerism rather than addressing issues of social importance. In response to this, The Argentina Independent aspires to give voice to those who are ignored by large publications so that their views can be heard and their stories told.

The Indy is dedicated to increasing awareness of the cultural, economic, social, political and environmental sides of Argentine life, whilst promoting tourism. In doing so, the publication supports the only industry that is indiscriminate in helping all classes of society.

We also aim to draw attention to causes and charitable organisations working within Argentina, providing our readers with information on how they can support financially or give their time to volunteering.

Why Argentina?

Before The Argentina Independent launched in 2006 under the name The Argentimes, there was no newspaper aimed at helping English speakers gain a better understanding of Argentina. The Indy’s fresh perspective and journalism has bridged this gap, providing free information on a variety of subjects from up to date news, to the hottest spots to go out in Buenos Aires.

Many consider Argentina to be one of Latin America’s more developed countries. While this may be true, there are still considerable numbers of people living below the international poverty line, something that has been further highlighted by the recent economic troubles. There are many charities and individuals working with these people, helping to improve their economic situation. The Indy highlights these causes and individuals among our target readership, by telling their stories.

A Publication in Partnership

As a small, independent media in the globalized world, The Indy works in partnership with other independent local publications to bring readers the best possible content, produced by those who know best.

The Indy works with Hecho en Bs. As., a street publication sold by the homeless in Buenos Aires, contributing an English-language section to the publication to enable vendors to widen their market, selling to tourists as well as locals, as well as frequently translating content from Hecho to give the publication an international audience.

The Indy also works in partnership with Púlsar, a news agency run by a network of Latin American community radios in the production of Latin American news, providing original English-language content written by local journalists from around the continent.

Other partnerships bring us into contact with bloggers and writers who specalise in subjects from street art to artisan beer, and tango to polo, bringing readers articles written by experts who know their subject best.

A final partnership is with the Buenos Aires international Human Rights Film Festival, where The Indy staff voluntarily translate the festival’s brochure into English.