Case Moyano; Blocking Judicial Investigation and Procedural Fraud


Secretary general of the General Labour Confederation (CGT) Hugo Moyano is seeking to block the judicial investigation of Switzerland’s Courts, which objected to the request for information. Thereby he files a lawsuit over Swiss court’s investigation and stated there was ‘procedural fraud’. Ultimately he asked protection for former Health Minister Graciela Ocaña.

Yesterday, Moyano, appeared in court since he is in suspicion of illegal money laundering. It concerns a deposit in a blocked account of the waste collection company Covelia. Moyano  tried to restrict the Swiss justice warrant, which requested details on the cases pending against him in a money laundering case, which nowadays is being investigated.

Moyano refused to show the media the contents of the writings that were claimed to be delivered in court. After assuring he is in no way related to the Covelia rubbish collecting company, Moyano filed a complaint before justice, arguing that the investigation against him led by a Swiss court was based on “irregular procedures.”

His lawyer, Daniel Llermanos, questioned the veracity of the warrant of Switzerland, requesting data on cases pending in Argentina where they are investigating him and his family. Llermanos, said that the CGT leader had filed a lawsuit in Judge Norberto Oyarbide’s court over “procedural fraud. We received some very important information from Geneva that allows us to infer that the international request sent to the Foreign Ministry, requesting information on Moyano and his son was originated in the country and is all part of a media operation,” he assured.

Moyano allegedly believes that through a complex network or personal relations, the Federal Justice fell victim of a “procedural fraud” that looked to damage his image and his relationship with the government.

The labour leader is targeting a mayor in the Greater Buenos Aires area. His lawyer Llermanos stated: “We believe a mayor flew to Switzerland in order to deliver several months-old newspaper clippings to the Swiss authorities in order to talk them into launching an investigation,” although he refused to say who the government official is.

Moyano is also suspecting that the former Swiss ambassador in Argentina, Carla del Ponte, has been involved in the case.

Llermanos attempted to explain the basis for its request for an investigation and asked to explain in detail the journalistic sources which were based on international warrant seeking data on the leader of the CGT.“This inquiry was started by fake information sent to Switzerland. This is very strange and it must be cleared up, that’s why he decided to file a lawsuit,” the lawyer concluded.

With respect to Ocaña, Llermanos stated that the former minister had alleged that she has been threatened. Therefore he asked the Criminal Court to provide her from protection. “It’s to avoid to being blamed if something happens to my client,” said the lawyer to newspaper ‘LaNacion’.

On the one hand the former minister reacted: “I do not want to have protection. I prefer that the police is guarding on the street, to the public and not only guarding politicians and leaders of our country.” On the other hand she stated: “I have fear, I feel threatened.” And she confirmed that she will make Moyano and the government responsible if something will happen to her.

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