Federal Peronism Wins Gubernatorial Elections in Chubut


After a close election amidst irregularities’ complaints and delays in the diffusion of official results, Martín Buzzi, ruling provincial party and presidential pre-candidate Mario Das Neves’ candidate, won the gubernatorial elections in Chubut. Kirchnerism’s candidate, Carlos Eliceche, announced he “does not recognise the commissions’ outcome” and that the defeat “is not definitive”.

With 98.6% of the polling stations counted, federal peronist Martín Buzzi obtained 37.78% of votes while Carlos Eliceche obtained a close 37.1%. Buzzi’s victory was signed by a meagre difference of 1.551 votes over Eliceche. Pedro Perarlta, Radicalism’s candidate, obtained 11.8% of votes.

Presidential pre-candidate Mario Das Neves, accompanied by representatives Felipe Solá and Francisco De Narváez, stated “our willingness to democratize power has been proved. We said we would deepen our project and we were not wrong. We knew it would be difficult. But this is the first step; this is proves a change is possible”.

Eliceche assured Kirchnerism “will not accept the finalization of commissions. This is not over today, not until every single vote is clarified. We consider these elections were won by Frente para la Victoria”. And he added “we are dubious about commissions’ outcome and believe they have not been transparent enough. We have our own results in the party’s data centre and found 468 contested votes, more than 3,596 votes that appear voided and 15 contested polls”.

In contrast with Catamarca’s gubernatorial elections, Chubut’s government did not enable online consultation of the results’ provisory scrutiny.

Chubut’s elections, though local, showed their national connotation. Eliceche assured that, should he have won, so would have president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Buzzi stated “each vote shortens Das Neves’ journey to presidential elections”.

Motley elections took place. Apart from governor, citizens chose 27 provincial representatives, 27 mayors, more than 250 councillors, three representatives for the Local Judicial Council and three representatives for the Court of Auditors in Comodoro Rivadavia.

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