Former Transport Secretary Denies Responsibility in Once Tragedy

Former Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi (photo: Wikipedia)

Former Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi (photo: Wikipedia)

After many months of silence, former Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi finally talked about the Once tragedy, a few days after the first anniversary of the crash that killed 51 people on 22nd Frebruary 2012.

In talks with Vorterix radio, Schiavi defended his performance as transport secretary. When quizzed on the cause of the accident, he stated that the brakes of the Sarmiento train were not defective, putting the responsibility on the driver Marcos Antonio Córdoba, who was driving when the accident happened.

He did recognise that the company that was operating the line at the time of the crash, Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA) “was a bad concessionary (…) that’s why it was fined”.

Nevertheless, Schiavi considers that “all state mechanisms functioned properly”. Moreover, he requested a medical investigation to determine if the driver had epilepsy.

This week, the government has assured that it would cooperate in the quest to find and punish those responsible for the accident, even if included former administration officials.

Schiavi denied his responsibility in the tragedy and stated that he is ready to defend himself during the court hearing. He warned that he will not accept any of the “fallacious” accusations that have been addressed to him lately, such as the accusations of embezzlement.

Schiavi and 27 other people are under investigation and will have to go to court in the second half of the year.

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