Impeachment Proceedings Begin Against Marita Verón Judges


Susana Trimarco, the mother of Marita Verón, has won her petition to begin impeachment proceeding against three judges who acquitted all 13 people in conjunction with the disappearance of her daughter in 2003.

Susan Trimarca and her daughter with a picture of Marita Veron (

Susan Trimarca and her granddaughter with a picture of Marita Veron (

Judges lberto Piedrabuena, Emilio Herrera Molina and Eduardo Romero Lascano, have 15 working days to issue their defence.

At the time of the hearing, the judges deemed that there was insufficient evidence to charge the seven men and six women who were accused of the kidnapping. Additionally, policeman, Domingo Andrada was also associated with the crime, as well as five other accomplices, Humberto Derobertis, Paola Gaitán, Mariana Bustos, Carlos Luna, and Azucena Márquez.

Trimarco believes that her daughter was kidnapped in 2003 by a human trafficking network in Tucumán. According to eye-witness statements, there have been sightings of Verón working within prostitution rings in La Rioja, Tucumán and Córdoba.

The trial was closed last December and caused a public outcry and prompted a further investigation into those in charge of the trial. Yesterday, Trimarco’s lawyers officially presented an appeal against the not guilty verdict.

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