Transport Secretary and TBA Boss Cannot Leave the Country


A federal judge investigating the Once train crash placed an order on a slew of top train officials yesterday, restricting their ability to leave the country.

Judge Claudio Bonadío is leading the inquiry into accident that killed 51 and left over 700 injured last month and has denied transport secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi and Claudio Cirigliano, the boss of Buenos Aires Trains (TBA) the right to leave the country while the investigation is ongoing.

The same restrictions have been applied to the undersecretary of Rail Transport Antonio Luna, the administrator of the National Commission of Transport Regulation (CNRT) and other managers from TBA.

Although, the men haven’t been confirmed as official suspects in the inquiry the move to restrict their travel has serious implications.

Bonadío says the restriction is only implemented to ensure that the various representatives are at hand if he needs them to clarify anything to do with the case although such a drastic move is unusual without strong suspicions.

Before the announcement yesterday, the president of the National General Audit, Leandro Despouy,presented a document to the judge which criticises TBA, the Transport Secretary and the CNRT for the accident.

Rubén “Pollo” Sobrero, the delegate for the Sarmiento line where the accident took place, has also voiced his grievances over rail management today.

“It’s worth nothing what we, the workers, have done for the past eight years, condemning [the rail management/maintenance] because nobody took what we said into account,” he told Radio El Mundo. “If someone had listened to us, none of this would have happened. It’s not like we expect the President to listen to us, she deals with lots of problems, but at least someone in our field should have.

“They accept the state as plaintiff and they don’t let Schiavi and Cirigliano leave but here the only ones who go to prison are the workers.”

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