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Building in Villa Urquiza Collapses with 14 inside


The Orion Gym in Villa Urquiza, Entre Ríos collapsed yesterday afternoon, killing one and leaving 13 trapped in the rubble. According to ‘La Nacion’, 11 have been pulled out of the concrete heap and remain in good condition. Rescuers continue to search for the two remaining victims, ‘’ reports.

The deceased, Guillermo Ramón Fede, 37, worked as a fitness instructor at the Orion Gym. His body was recovered this afternoon.

The owner of the gym, Pablo Galli, said that in the moments prior to the tragedy, “nothing was happening”, even though yesterday he remarked that “the walls were vibrating”. Galli said he thought about closing the gym temporarily, but kept the gym open, ‘Perfil’ says.

Galli, who was working at the gym at the time, was one of the 11 rescued.

“The firefighters brought me back to life because I didn’t think I’d make it out of there. I was really suffocating,” Galli told ‘Canal 13’.

Despite the collapsed building’s proximity to other structures, no buildings nearby reported damage. An employee of a bar on the same block told ‘Pagina 12’ what he had witnessed.

“I heard a very loud sound, like someone was unloading bricks. I left the bar and you could see smoke. It was the dust that was coming from the collapse. The miracle is that there are that many survivors, the miracle is that this happened in the afternoon and not at night, when the gym fills up with like 50 people,” the bar employee said.

Firefighters and rescuers are using dogs to sniff out the remaining two who are believed to be trapped in the rubble, according to ‘’.

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2 Responses to “Building in Villa Urquiza Collapses with 14 inside”

  1. skycrab says:

    Maybe they should build ’em so they don’t fall down. Just an idea.

  2. Eugenia says:

    Villa Urquiza, where this accident took place, is in Capital Federal, not Entre Rios.


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