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Do you think that Argentina should open its doors to people fleeing danger?

Syria’s uprising against government forces has led to a two-year civil war, which according to the United Nations has so far resulted in the lives of over 60,000 people; a number that is expected to continue rising as a near term solution looks unlikely.

Syria’s citizens continue to flee the war-torn country in the hope of finding a sanctuary and a place to escape death, and Argentina is one of the countries that has opened its doors to those seeking refuge.

The Argentina Independent hit the streets to hear what the locals had to say on the matter.

Julieta, analyst, Palermo

Yes I think that Argentina should open its doors to people fleeing danger, and I think that what Argentina is doing for the Syrians is perfect. If Argentina can help people who are fleeing dangerous situations then of course they should. But to be honest I don’t know if they can do more, I don’t fully know the extent of what support/conditions the country is offering right now .


Miriam, retired, Palermo

I believe that the country needs to help those in danger, but sometimes as a citizen you can feel scared when you hear about people seeking asylum in your country, but not everyone feels the same of course. I think that some people feel wary in case immigrants coming to this country have extreme political beliefs, and what that means for Argentina.


VoxPopRefugees3Francisco, shop owner, Palermo

I think we should absolutely help and support those fleeing from danger, and not just in Syria but we should help everyone that is in danger. Especially because some countries don’t offer help or entrance, for instance Brazil stopped Japanese immigration in World War I and II, and many countries at that time were making a similar stand with immigration. And some of that still hasn’t changed. But helping people in these situations is necessary and what Argentina is doing is very good in my opinion.


VoxPopRefugees4Carlos, airport worker, Bella Vista

I think that all countries should open their doors and provide homes for those in danger. We all have to unite in this situations. I think that Argentina helps the best it can, but we have a lot of internal problems that we have to deal with too. But Argentina offers good services to people coming into the country, such as free education and healthcare so I think the country does a lot for immigrants coming to this country, I think it’s sufficient.


Noel, translator, Palermo

We need to do all we can, and I fully support immigration in this country. I think we could do more in respect though. But we do a good job, all of my family were immigrants from Italy and Argentina provided the support that was needed when they moved here. However, I do think that there should be controls over who is allowed citizenship in this country, but when it comes to helping those in danger then of course, Argentina should do all it can.

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3 Responses to “Do you think that Argentina should open its doors to people fleeing danger?”

  1. Alicia says:

    Argentinian are very racist and xenophobic…Inmigrants have a really bad time there. Im speaking for own experience and friends from Paraguay, Brasil and Chile…They call us names and complain that we are taking their jobs. I will never come back to Argentina and I wont recomend it to anybody. Ive been scarred for life, awful experience and a sad time in my life. Argentinian can be really cruel and nasty people.

  2. Ale says:

    Alicia, I’m sorry to read you went through this awful experience. I know what you mean about people calling names and complaining about immigrants taking local jobs. I believe that’s part of the picture (awful part), but there are many people receiving immigrants with arms wide open. I worked in different countries around the world and the situation is the same in most of the countries I worked. You will always find people complaining, but you will also find amazing people who think cultural diversity makes a better country.

  3. Matthew says:

    Thank you Indy for highlighting this important side of Argentina: Migration.
    The country has one of the most advance Migration Law at the moment.
    Congratulations to the social movements, civil society organizations, politicians, lawmakers, and everyone involved in such a transforming process that will help the country and Argentinians themselves to be better, more diverse and truly cosmopolitan citizens.


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