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2nd May 2016  Indy Editors

You’ll notice that our website has had a long-overdue makeover. We’ve cleaned up a lot of the clutter and streamlined our content menus to make our site more user-friendly. We have put more emphasis on visual storytelling, highlighting our photo essays (The Indy Eye section) and videos. And, perhaps most important of all, we have a site that will look nice on your smartphone, so now you can read our content on the go.

We are using this period of transition to reflect on our content and the role we would like The Indy to have in today’s fast-changing – and, in Argentina, deeply divided – media universe.

Technology has revolutionised the way we produce and consume content, giving rise to a new breed of media and forcing traditional outlets to adapt. While we embrace the new forms of storytelling made possible by technological advances, we are adamant that this must not come at the expense of the core journalistic values and procedures. In the frenzy for instant information, we find ourselves dismayed by the bombardment of sensational headlines, regurgitated content (sometimes unverified), and knee-jerk punditry. All too often we click on an enticing headline only to be left disappointed by what follows it.

Then there are other challenges more specific to Argentina, where deep political divides are both reflected in and reinforced by the corporate media. This has created the illusion of a social dichotomy, where it seems impossible to critique one side without supposedly belonging to the other.

So, what do we propose? In short, an independent, yet critical, voice to help you cut through the noise. We will soon be publishing a new editorial manifesto to detail our vision for the future. For now, we will simply underscore our goal to provide our readers with a deeper understanding of what’s going on in Argentina, connecting an English-language audience with stories that are all-too-often ignored by international and mainstream media outlets.

This is still very much a beta version of the new site. There are still some glitches and formatting issues, particularly with our archive content, which we are aware of. We chose to go ahead anyway because, frankly, our old site was hurting our eyes. We ask you to bear with us while we continue to put the finishing touches to our new design, and if you’ve got a few minutes, we’d love to hear your feedback (you can comment on this post, send us a message on Facebook, or email us).

We’d like to thank all the people who have helped shape the The Indy over the years, and all our readers who make the effort of running a small independent media outlet worthwhile.

We hope you like the new site!

Indy Editors

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