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Weekly News Roundup, December 14th


It’s Friday again!

And before we begin dwelling in the puddle of blood and violence that we experienced this week, I believe I should address the big fat elephant in the room.

Yes, last week’s Weekly News Roundup went viral. Yes, it got thousands of hits. Yes, this week many new readers will show up hoping to experience the same laughter fest that they came across last Friday.

But the pressure is too big to top that, so let me just say: it’s not going to happen.

Last week was a collective experience so it was relatable, it had a narrative and it was perfect to let your parents/friends know about what an exciting/terrifying experience it is to live in Buenos Aires.

This week: meh.

It’s like when your favorite TV show wins a “Best Drama Series” Emmy award after a flawless season, and the writers become apathetic and rest on their laurels so they come up with a half-baked, disappointing plot that satisfies no one (I’m looking at you, writers of The X-Files, 24 and Homeland).

Well, that’s me today. I am those writers. So read it, take it for what it is and go on with your life.

In the meantime I’ll be crying in the bathroom, reminiscing of my glory days.

This is what you need to know:

  • Roger Federer may play tennis, but what we're really interested in is what he thinks about football. (Photo/Wikipedia)

    There is really nothing funny to say about what was the biggest story of the week: the Marita Verón case, which investigated the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman from Tucumán. You probably know all about it by now, but in case you haven’t heard, all thirteen suspects in the case were acquitted, and national outrage ensued.

  • Remember how last week Crónica came up with those inventive headlines about Chernobyl and Venice? Well this week, their news van was pleasantly parked in front of the Obelisco during the Boca event, until it suddenly got surrounded by thousands of savages who pillaged and looted it, spray painted it and then destroyed it. Can you imagine being inside that news van while this is happening outside? And for a headline, I would have totally gone with “Mogadishu“.
  • And since they were at it, the Boca zombies also decided it would be a good idea to attack the entrance to Canal 13, which as we know belongs to Grupo Clarín and is therefore the fountain of all maladies. Here’s the footage. Watch it. It’s a glimpse into the future. A grim testimony of what the downfall of civilization will look like once our planet is overrun by PC monitor-stealing zombies.
  •  Last Sunday night was a cause for celebration, as Argentine democracy turned 29 years old. The National Government, officially self-declared the standard bearer of the democratic movement in this country, decided to celebrate plurality and freedom by throwing a political rally big party at the Plaza de Mayo and around the country that included live music, fireworks, local delicacies and a special guest appearance by Cristina herself, who reminded us that democracy is beautiful and by the way if you don’t stand with her government you are a coup-monger son of a gun who deserves to be executed for treason.
  • The United States of Awesome continue their heroic defense of Argentina against the vulture funds’ Evil Empire of Evilness, and now the Obama administration has requested the New York Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to take Argentina’s appeal into consideration, a move that was to be expected considering they are being ruled by a Kenyan Socialist Nazi Communist Muslim that wants to destroy America by launching an attack on poor, poor capitalism.
  •  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *hyperventilates* Look! The Central Bank has for some reason (the holidays) decided to temporarily allow Argentines to purchase US dollars in cash if they are to be used for travelling/studying abroad. RUN TO THE BANK, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! HURR-No, wait, most of you readers are foreigners and couldn’t care less about this. Never mind.
  • For millenia, humanity has had to endure the many torments and tribulations caused by the act of sodcasting.  Sodcasting, for those of you who are not well versed in pop culture, is the act of being an inconsiderate asshole by playing music on your mobile phone on a bus or subway so everyone around you can hear it. It is usually appended by a smug expression on your face that clearly translates as: “Do you have a problem?”. But praised be Jesus*! After today, sodcasting in the city of Buenos Aires is no more. Because the busy minds working at the City Legislature have passed a bill effectively banning the demonic practice  from public transportation services, and if you attempt to waterboard our ears with your filthy 1970s rock and roll (or worse, your early 00s cumbia) the driver will have the right to get you off the bus.
  • Of course, that’s all taking place in the realm of wishful thinking. Good luck telling the sodcaster to stop playing his music without getting into a fist fight. Or getting stabbed.
  • Remember how a few weeks ago I said there was going to be a total of 18 public holidays in 2013? Remember how you went “Woa, that’s insane!”? Get ready, because in the next few days Congress will be debating yet another addition to the holiday calendar! As Congress gets ready to meet in extraordinary sessions because of the human trafficking bill fuck up, one of the other less relevant bills to be discussed revolves around declaring January 31st, 2013 a one-time national holiday in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Assembly of the Year XIII (that’s “13″, for those of you who never took Roman numerals 101), in which the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata got together to discuss a new institutional government for the republic. It was then that the region, among other things, ended slavery with the Freedom of Wombs principle, which stated that anyone born from a slave was automatically free. The Rio de la Plata region: kicking the first world’s ass when it comes to civil and equal rights since 1813. Not really sure about anything else though.
  • Gay people ambassador Madonna is in Argentina right now, offering


    three shows this week that fans will never forget, not only because of their amazing production value but also because of how incredibly overpriced the tickets were and how late the performances started. Always eccentric  in a “funny” (and not crazy) kinda way, the diva has made some unusual requests (like hotel staff not looking at her in the eye) which would sound horrible if we were talking about, I don’t know…Donald Trump. But since this is Madonna and she’s a liberal and she’s good with poor African kids and stuff she gets a free pass. Also, warning people not to look her in the eye? What is she, a creature from the Greek mythology?

  • The media also reports that Madonna landed in Argentina in a private jet and brought with her a huge posse made up of musicians, dancers, assistants, cleaning staff, a personal trainer, security and doctors. She’s basically like a Smurf village on wheels.
  •  Then on Wednesday came the first of two exhibition matches that he was going to play alongside local tennis superstar Juan Martín Del Potro in a stadium in Tigre before 20,000 who paid like 100 million dollars per ticket. Here are some highlights of the game:
  • At some point, in a giant screen, there was a “surprise” (and cringing) message from Diego Maradona that had absolutely nothing to do with anything, because as we all know everything in this country has got to be related in some way to fútbol. God forbid the day that doesn’t happen.
  • When the time to sing the National Anthem came, the Tigre authorities selected the best possible singer to perform it in front of the ecstatic audience (and Federer): musical legend Cacho Castaña, known for his sexy parties, his misogynistic lyrics advocating for violence against women and for biting the semi-naked ass of a gay man. Unfortunately, and because of copyrights issues (please, as if anyone cared), it is not available on YouTube, so you’ll have to settle with when he butchered it some time ago in Mendoza. So here, enjoy the proud lyrics of our anthem sung by Castaña. And please stand while you do it. This is no time for frivolity.
  • The song after such moving, representative anthem was one sung by David Guetta. No, I’m not kidding.
  • As Del Potro and Federer were about to come out, a sector in the bleachers began to “sink” (as in “collapse”) and 150 people had to be evacuated. Del Potro and Federer were sent back to the changing rooms.
  • By the time the game started, the Boca Juniors fans were setting downtown Buenos Aires on fire, so no one cared anymore.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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* Just an expression. I’m not religious. It’s not that I don’t like Jesus, I actually thought he was a great guy and everything. It’s what they did with his progressive, revolutionary message after he died “ascended to Heaven” that I’m not crazy about. Sorry, Christians!

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One Response to “Weekly News Roundup, December 14th”

  1. Werner Almesberger says:

    About the intro, why worry so much about previous achievements ? One of the perks of having achieved immortality is that you can simply outlive all those pesky critics who go on and on about how great your postings once were, the decline, and all that. What cares the moon if a dog howls at it ?

    Mogadishu … that one ?

    Following Entebbe [1], which was a lot messier but rather impressive in its own way considering the impossible odds, that pretty much ended the glory days of aircraft hijackings in the so-called first world.

    “PC monitor-stealing zombies” ? Kids at play. This is how it’s done … well, almost:

    Regarding Federer’s plans for his trip to Argentina, perhaps he meant to say that a) he’s a gentleman and b) he intends to enjoy the refined delights of Buenos Aires, and die.

    No mention of the 2:1 in Cristina vs. Clarin ? [2] I actually wonder whether there may have been some romantic mishap at some point in time between her and Hector Magnetto (owner of Clarin). Hell hath no fury, and all that …

    - Werner



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