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Buenos Aires Street Style – Palermo


Buenos Aires is a city that loves fashion almost as much as steak. Style conscious portenas alight the subte in towering platforms, while their male counterparts stroll the city streets in shiny brogues and sharp suits.

We took to the streets for a little sartorial stalking and each month, will be bringing you the best in boots, bags and belts from various barrios around the city.

This week we travelled to up-market Palermo to catch up with some fashionable locals. Among the designer boutiques and inviting restaurants we snared this group of style conscious locals to talk about fashion in Buenos Aires.

Erica wearing a coat by Nadine Zlotogora and clothes by Religion, Kostüme (Photo: Allison Kate-Cherkis)

Name: Erica

Age: 40

What do you do? Work in a University of Art

What are you wearing today? “My coat is from Nadine Zlotogora, I’m also wearing Religion, Kostüme.”

What do you think of fashion in Buenos Aires? “I like shopping here. There are some places that are interesting but a lot of people here look exactly the same. I like to have my own style but a lot of girls here just want to look like Barbie. It’s hard to find really interesting things that don’t cost a lot. I like to buy original things but there’s a lot that’s very uniform. That doesn’t interest me.”

Favourite brands/ designers? “I really like Religion and Nadine Zlotogora”

Jenny wearing shoes from We Love Meme, trousers from Jazmin Chebar, a sweatshirt from Josephine B, bag from Clara Ibarguren, and vintage jacket and shirt. (Photo: Allison Kate-Cherkis)




Name: Jenny

Age: 26

What do you do? Actress and model

What are you wearing today? “My shoes (creepers) are from We Love Meme. I’m also wearing trousers from Jazmin Chebar, a sweatshirt from Josephine B, bag from Clara Ibarguren. My jacket and shirt are vintage.”

What do you think of fashion in Buenos Aires? “I love it. I’m fanatical about fashion generally and I love the fashion you find here in Buenos Aires. Palermo is a great place to shop.”

Favourite brands/ designers: “I love these shoes which are by We Love Meme.”






Agustina wearing fuchsia and coral striped leggings from Maria Cher with coat, shoes and sweater from Delaostia. (Photo: Allison Kate-Cherkis)

Name: Augustina

Age: 25

What do you do? Fashion manager for Groupon

What are you wearing today? “Today I’m wearing fuschia and coral striped leggings from Maria Cher, they’re my favourites. My coat, shoes and sweater are all from Delaostia.”

What do you think of fashion in Buenos Aires? “I love it, it’s really colourful and I like the designers here. Palermo Hollywood is my favourite place to shop.”

Favourite brands/ designers: Maria Cher






Vera wearing socks with a short skirt. (Photo: Allison Kate-Cherkis)




Name: Vera

Age: 21

What do you do? Study photography and work in a dermatology clinic

What are you wearing today? “I’m really interested in fashion but I like to wear things that represent me best – I like wearing tights and always wear skirts and dresses.”

What do you think of fashion in Buenos Aires? “In Buenos Aires you can get everything, there is a lot of fashion from outside Buenos Aires but here I think people look really distinctive, which I like.”

Favourite brands/ designers? “I love Rapsodia, Mishka and Paula Cahen D’Anvers…I like so much it’s hard to choose. I really love clothes!”



Chloe combining Divina Bolivia and Bolivia mens. (Photo: Allison Kate-Cherkis)


Name: Chloe

Age: 26

What do you do? Part of the Bolivia family (Argentine designer) and a painter.

What are you wearing today? “Everything I’m wearing is Divina Bolivia or Bolivia mens. My favourite bit is the elephant appliqué V neck sweater because it’s a one off.”

What do you think of fashion in Buenos Aires? “People like to dress well here. The mainstream can look a bit commercial but then you get individuals who do something a bit different and really enjoy doing something different so it gets a bit more creative. So you see some really interesting things here too.”

Favourite brands designers? “Bolivia, I also really like what Trosman is doing with prints at the moment.”


Alfredo wearing Bolivia and Hush Puppy shoes. (Photo: Allison Kate-Cherkis)

Name: Alfredo

Age: 31

What do you do? Singer in a rock band, and work in a fashion shop in Palermo.

What are you wearing today? “All my clothes from Bolivia apart from my shoes, which are Hush Puppies.”

What do you think of fashion in Buenos Aires? “It‘s good because you can mix styles and put vintage things with newer pieces. In Buenos Aires you can wear loads of colour and no one says anything!”

Favourite brands designers? “I love Bolivia and Lovers and Fuckers.”



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