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The Indy Eye: Fun in Mar del Plata


Mar del Plata is one of the top destinations for porteños to get away during the hot summer months. The beach provides a wonderful respite away from the oppressive heat and humidity of the metropolis. Fun in the summer sand can be had for all ages.  Photographer Irena Atanasoska shares some moments from the coastal vacation capitol.

One of the best Argentine surfers, Martín Passeri arrives on Playa Grande


Playa Varese is one of the most visited beaches.


A biker takes advantage of one of the many skate parks available on the beaches of Mar del Plata.


Even though it is prohibited, people play football on the beach.


One of the most attractive places for taking photos, with the sea lions and people leave the beach at the end of the day.


Kids play-fighting with mud on the shore.


All kinds of sweets for kids and adults alike.


The 'carpas' are prized possessions in Argentina, and are passed down from generation to generation.i


People who don't own carpas use huge umbrellas to hide from the powerful summer sun.


Even though not as popular as surfing, yachting is also important sport here.


In the morning, the lifeguards don't have as much work to do.


Sunbathing is the main activity of beach goers and makes for a relaxing day out with friends and family.


'Tejo' is a sport highly practised by Argentines.


A lone surfer enters the water in Honu Beach, a private beach south of Mar del Plata and a woman practises yoga in the sun and sand.


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