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Top 5 Buenos Aires Boliches


Whilst there is a wealth of sights to see and cultural activities that adorn the streets of Buenos Aires during the day, the city does not lose any of its excitement during the night. In search of a truly brilliant night out, The Argentina Independent has compiled a selection of the best nightclubs around to tempt those that want to party until the break of day.

Crobar (Photo: Alonso Carbonell)

1. Crobar, Palermo

Crobar is a chic and modern club that pulsates on the fringes of Palermo, offering a young and cool crowd the chance to have a truly brilliant clubbing experience in the Paris of South America. The name conjures up images of a Latin warehouse style club and whilst this venue is slightly hidden, out of view off the Avenida de Liberatador, it is a club that attracts a smart clientele that will only be seen in the trendiest of surroundings.

In true Porteño style, Crobar gets going on Fridays and Saturdays at around 2am, thriving on music mixed by some of the best electronic DJs from Buenos Aires and abroad. In true international style, Crobar is a popular chain that has sprung up in Peru, Brazil and Uruguay as well as Argentina. The music is an eclectic mix of electronic and house, infused into anthems and pop, rejuvenating some well-loved classics as well as creating original remixes that keep the party going until dawn.

The venue itself is stunning. With an amazing central dance floor, which is surrounded by bars, its layout lends itself to having a good time on the town.  The aesthetic of the club will not disappoint either. With fantastic lighting effects, multimedia screens and projectors, stylish leather loungers and bizarre glittering snowflakes alongside images of camels that hang from the ceiling, Crobar even manages to add a tad of eccentricity to its hip personality. Drinks are slightly on the pricy side but the quality of the club, stature of the DJs, and the entire experience of Crobar warrant this slight indulgence.

Crobar is located on Paseo de la Infanta in Palermo. Their email address is and more information on their nights can be found at their website

2. Human, Costanera Salguero

A popular and fearsome alternative to Club Amerika, which has long been listed as the gay party destination, Human provides gay audiences with a relaxed night out that appeals to the senses and urges. In a truly liberal sense, anything goes; visitors are welcomed on the sole requisite that they are human. Dress code is just as relaxed as the atmosphere and as diverse as the crowd that frequents the venue.

The entrance opens up to a huge dance floor, which is set across several platforms from which confident dancers can bust a move. These platforms are also home to some of the club’s professional dancing staff that heat the crowd up with their sizzling displays all in the name of good fun and guilty pleasure.

Human also boasts an amazing waterfront vista from its house and trance room, giving ravers the chance to see the dawn filter over the Río de La Plata as they dance the remnants of night away.

Human’s music ranges from infectious Pop queen Lady Gaga to electronic and trance DJs in adjoining rooms, sticking fast to their promise of diversity. Friendly to all, Human is not to be missed for a great night out if you are tired of the superficiality of the Porteño night scene.

Human is located at Punto Carrasco on the corner of Av. Costanera and Av.Sarmiento. Their website is and their email address is

Courtesy of Kika Club

3. Kika, Palermo Soho

Popular with locals and tourists alike, Kika has something for everyone on nearly every night of the week. A smaller venue, packing a powerful punch to its competitors, each night at Kika sees a grand personality change in musical taste. Changing between electro, rock, hip hop, dub step and Latin jams, Kika’s versatility lends itself to large groups of friends with varying music tastes from those that prefer the European chart toppers to those that want to experience a taste of the Latin American beats popular in Argentina; Reggaeton and Cumbia. Not only this, Kika also hosts foam parties and live bands, ensuring that every base is covered.

With entrance starting from a mere $20, Kika is easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes and ears. Variety does not stop at the music either as Kika also offers a VIP service, where customers can enjoy a disco with the best sound and lighting equipment.

If that wasn’t enough, visitors can plan a night of fun solely at Kika by opting for one of their dinner services that run throughout the week before the party gets started. Although this may not sound like a hard night on the tiles in true Porteño boliche style, Kika offers something different to those in search of a good night and nothing less.

Kika is located at Honduras 5339 in Palermo Soho and their website is and their email address is

4. Azúcar, Belgrano

Located in a barrio lesser-known for its clubs, Azúcar is a boliche that provides punters with something truly Latin. Azúcar does not assume to compete with the trendier, more groomed clubs of Palermo but offers an Argentine antidote to the invasion of European beats on the late night music scene in Buenos Aires.

In its modest and frayed-at-the-edges venue, Azúcar swings to salsa and reggaeton rhythms offering something more authentic in Belgrano. What also makes Azúcar stand out from the crowd is its faithfulness to its cocktails. Tragos as they are called in Argentina, are plentiful and make a refreshing change to hazy nights at the fault of fernet due to lack of choice. Cuban Mojitos and Daiquiris are among the selection at the bar, allowing those to get a taste of the Caribbean in Buenos Aires.

Azúcar interestingly offers a dance class service; allowing first-timers to learn some saucy moves before hitting the dance floor, armed with an array of new ways to enjoy the musical delights. Options vary from lessons in fusion salsa to Latin rhythms and rock and roll.

An authentic experience, faithful to the wonderful music scenes that exist in Latin America and the Caribbean, Azúcar is not to be missed by people that love all things Latin.

Azúcar is located at Cabildo 2040 in Belgrano. Their website is

Niceto Club (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

5. Niceto, Palermo Hollywood

A bit of a guilty pleasure, Niceto is a great night out for the laidback. Unpretentious and without any frills, Niceto does exactly what it says on the tin and gives people an easy, fun night out in Palermo. Its location could not be better with the bars of Palermo hustling and bustling on its doorstep, providing an easy transition for those wanting to up their game after the last round at a bar.

With two dance floors and ample bar space, it has an easy layout so that losing your friends is not really possible.

Niceto hosts many events and offers its stage to many different artists and fashion designers that are all incorporated into an entertaining evening. No night is ever the same at Niceto with different events each week and a range of musical styles that the club likes to adopt to please its followers and fans.

Music ranges from indie rock, to funk, reggae and pop. Drinks are reasonable to the point that one shall loose reason and discounts are available on their website, creating the perfect combination for a cool night out.

Niceto is located in Palermo at Niceto Vega 5510. Their website is and they can be reached by email at

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5 Responses to “Top 5 Buenos Aires Boliches”

  1. Isabel Walters says:

    Azúcar? Really… o dear

  2. Caipirhona says:

    @Isabel: +1

    Are you sure the Azucar Belgrano is opened? I mean re-opened … because it was close not so long ago.

    Does someone has any hints?


  3. mary says:

    Don’t think Azucar Belgrano reopened, and Azucar Abasto is a big crammed for my liking. For your salsa fix, go to Cuba Mia or for more low-key fun, la salsera on Yatay street.


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