From Argentina and Latin America

Government Presents National Plan Against Gender Violence

President Mauricio Macri and the National Women's Council have presented a comprehensive national action plan to combat gender violence in Argentina.

Date Fixed For Buenos Aires Subte Fare Hike

A single fare on the Buenos Aires subte network will cost $7.50 from 27th July, according to a resolution published in the city government's official gazette today.

Paraguay: Peasant Farmers Convicted over Curuguaty Massacre

A court in Paraguay has sentenced 11 peasant farmers to prison for their role in the so-called 'Curuguaty Massacre', in which six policemen and 11 farmers were killed during an eviction.

The Consumption Factor in Argentine Politics

Consumption has become an increasingly important driver of social values and political legitimacy, something pro-market president Mauricio Macri seems to have forgotten, says José Natanson.

Five Things we Learned at Argentina’s Bicentennial in Tucumán

Drew Reed was on the ground watching Argentina's bicentennial celebrations in Tucumán this weekend. This is what he discovered at the event.

Living With 40% Inflation

In most parts of the world, people can barely imagine what living with double-digit inflation would be like. So how do Argentines cope when inflation is running above 40%?