From Argentina and Latin America

Guilty Verdicts in Historic Human Trafficking Trial in Tierra del Fuego

Judges in Tierra del Fuego province have condemned three people for human trafficking and forced prostitution in the first trial in Argentina in which one of the victims acted as plaintiff.

76 Killed as Plane Carrying Brazilian Football Club Crashes in Colombia

A charter flight carrying the Brazilian football club Chapecoense, their support staff, and journalists crashed last night in southern Colombia. Five on board survived the incident.

Senate Approves New Rental Law

The Senate has unanimously approved a bill to regulate rental contracts and control abuses by landlords and estate agents by limiting commissions and restricting price increases.

Bad Milk: Breastfeeding, Baby Formula, and Business Interests

New state nutrition programmes in Córdoba province and the city of Buenos Aires are being implemented with companies that produce infant formula. Soledad Barruti investigates what lies behind these deals.

'Not For Sale': The Debate Over Urban Development in Buenos Aires

Groups of local residents are campaigning to prevent the privatisation and commercial development of land across Buenos Aires, saying the government's plans do not consider the city's true needs.

The Three Peronisms

José Natanson analyses the current state of the Peronist movement, made up of three broad groups: the Kirchnerists, Sergio Massa's front, and the 'dissidents' in between.