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Project of the Week: Proyecta America


The three Argentine artists behind Proyecta America are inviting the public to share and participate in their 4,500km journey through 8 countries in Central America, as they try to create environmental awareness and promote social change through cinema.

Proyecta America aims to deliver the important messages from other documentaries created in different countries (Brazil, Maldives Island, Bolivia, and then global situation of water resources) to forgotten corners of Central America, educating the viewers on how to conserve the natural resources and sharing different countries’ experiences in doing so. They predict to be able to complete 128 film projections over the five month journey from Mexico to Pamana, reaching a total audience of around 25,600 people, including indigenous communities and children that are often the most affected by the fast-changing world and global scramble for resources.

Their day to day experiences of the team will be shared online at where followers will be able to ‘interact’, commenting on the journey and asking the group questions as they make their way. As well as showing four documentaries to the communities they visit, Proyecta America will interview the people they meet, filming a new documentary about the experience.

“I do not want to tell my grandchildren that I did not do anything about what is happening to the environment NOW.” With his incredible big eyes almost like living camera lens, Ignacio Robayna, leader of Proyecta America, explains his motive for becoming a documentary maker, not only to record the truth, but connecting people through film, and encouraging change in all of us to help protect the environment.

Charles D’Aria, an artistic photographer who will capture special moments throughout the Proyecta America mission, explains after a long pause, “For me, it is my continuous search for a way of life.” As well as presenting the reality of life in urban and rural Central America today, the filmmakers hope their own transformations and development will be captured in the final documentary. “I have a mixture of excitement and anxiety to record what we are about to live,” adds Johnny Kok the third member of the crew who will also be in charge of recording the experience.

Ignacio believes that by showing the documentaries to the communities they visit, some wonderful connections will emerge between the team and the audience, which will then be transmitted to those who are sharing in those moments via the website “It is all about learning, for us, for them, and for you watching,” he explains.

This strong conviction of face to face, day to day experiences with the people, was shared by the team’s main partner, the foundation called Tabla Para Todos, which encourages social inclusion through surfing. Tabla Para Todos will be joining Proyecta America in Costa Rica, teaching surfing to children from all backgrounds.

To support the project, go to their ideame page:

Alternatively, those who would like to be a sponsor and get their company logo published in over eight countries and 32 destination, with a final credit in the documentary that will be sent to international competitions, can contact the team directly at

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