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Argentina News Roundup: 26th February 2014

Randazzo and Capitanich show the new train (photo: Interior and Transport Ministry)

Randazzo and Capitanich show the new train (photo: Interior and Transport Ministry)

First New Train Arrives in the Country: Interior and Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo and Chief of Cabinet Jorge Capitanich introduced today the first train of the new fleet that will replace the existing ones on the Sarmiento line. The train arrived at the Buenos Aires port from China, and it is the first of 25 that have been purchased and are expected to arrive in the country within 90 days. Randazzo highlighted that the new trains have improved security systems, German brakes, and an automatic stop system. He also promised that “we will replace the 11 existing trains [in the Sarmiento line] for the 25 new ones” by mid-June, “and by the end of the year the new trains for the San Martín and Mitre lines will also be ready.”

Inmates Escape Maximum Security Prison: Six men escaped a maximum security prison in the Buenos Aires town of Junín in the early hours of the morning.  Police sources informed that the inmates managed to escape the prison at around 4am by cutting two wire perimeter fences. Their absence was noticed this morning as prison authorities did the daily head count. Local police have begun search operations around the area. The last few months have seen growing concern surrounding the large number of prison escapes in Argentina. Assistant Secretary of Criminal Policy and Penitentiary Affairs, Martín Daniel Martínez, stated last year that “escapes from national prisons are always down to human error,” whether it be through connivance or malpractice of the employees working in the system.

Water Emergency Declared in Caleta Olivia: The Santa Cruz provincial congress has declared a ‘water emergency’ in the city of Caleta Olivia, which has seen its water supply affected due to a broken water pipeline. Residents have blocked national route number 3 in protest for the last week, and in last night’s assembly they decided to carry on with the road block as they feel their demands have not been met. Problems began when the pipeline that brings water from neighbouring Chubut province broke in early February, and the town was without water for almost three weeks. At the moment, only around 40% of the town has water supply, but at a very low pressure. Due to the water problems, banks, schools, and many shops are not working, whilst the local hospital is providing a basic service.

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Santa Cruz Deputy Opposes Closure of Brothels

"Without clients there is no prostitution" (photo by Beatrice Much)

“Without clients there is no prostitution” (photo by Beatrice Much)

Santa Cruz provincial deputy Ruben Contreras, from Frente Para la Victoria (FPV), has rejected an initiative to close cabarets claiming “there is a need for distraction, to be with a woman, which is fundamental for the life of a man.”

The president of the block of deputies of the Santa Cruz legislature rejected the closure of cabarets in the province and opposed the prohibition of “night clubs, cabarets, and/or whisquerias” in the city of Caleta Olivia, a city in the north of the province of Santa Cruz, during a radio interview with FM San Jorge.

“What will these people do? What distraction will they have? There will be single or married people…” he said referring to the thousands of workers who will be arriving to the province in the coming months to build two dams.

He added that he had discussed the issue with provincial deputy Gustavo Boldovic and both agreed that prohibition “can lead to other things such as rape.” He asked for an “adult discussion” and apologised for offending anyone, claiming that he “understood and shared the suffering of the families who have lost their loved ones to exploitation, by any means, it was never my intention to justify these practices.”

“There’s no need for complete prohibition when they can be controlled.” His remarks come a time when the issue of people trafficking is on the national agenda. Late last year, s law was passed hardening the penalties for sex trafficking.

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