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Chile: Dakar Rally Pilots Arrested for Archeological Damage

Dakar rally route map (image courtesy of Dakar rally)

Dakar rally route map (image courtesy of Dakar rally)

Two Dakar rally pilots were arrested yesterday in Antofagasta, northern Chile, for wandering off the official trail and causing damage to an archeological site.

Italian motorcycle driver Matteo Casuccio and Dutch quad bike pilot Kees Koolen were detained by the Chilean Investigations Police at a resting camp, where they were staying after completing stage 5 of the rally. They were released after giving testimony, and will now have to appear before a judge.

The drivers explained that they got lost and crossed along a forbidden area, a route used by the Chilean army in the Pacific War, causing damage to an excavation site. “We didn’t mean to break anything and we apologise for what happened. It was just a mistake,” said Casuccio.

Casuccio and Koolen were allowed to continue on to the next stage in the race, from Antofagasta to Iquique, which took place today. However, doubt remains as to whether the Chilean judge in charge of the case will allow them to leave the country and cross over to Bolivia with the rest of the rally drivers on Wednesday.

The Dakar rally started in Buenos Aires on 4th January and will return to the city on 17th January, after completing 13 stages through Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. It is the seventh time the race is held in South America.

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Orlando Terranova Becomes First Argentine to Win Dakar Stage

Orlando “Orly” Terranova, a rally driver from Mendoza, became the first Argentine rider to win a stage at Dakar Rally in the car category. On his BMW X3, Terranova won the tenth stage between Córdoba and La Rioja with a time of 3h 57m 58s.

The 33-year old rider dominated all the way and won over two major competitors, Nani Roma (Spain) who finished second, and Stephane Peterhansel (France), who finished third. At the moment Terranova ranks fifth with a total time of 30h 10m 49s in the general ranking stage for car categories.

Terranova debuted at the Dakar Rally in 2005 in the motorcycle category, and in 2009 he switched to cars. His best ranking was ninth in 2010.

The Dakar Rally takes place every summer in Peru, Argentina, and Chile since 2009 and is famous as one of the most challenging routes for its participants.

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Peru: Dakar Rally Crash Leaves Two Dead, Ten Wounded

Two people were killed and ten injured in a crash that involved taxis, two support vehicles and a group of passengers. The accident took place late on Wednesday in Tacna,  located on kilometre 1,322 of the Panamericana Sur Highway, close to the border with Chile.

Taxi driver Arturo Marquera and his passenger Gómez Vera died instantly, after the car hit the Land Rover of the British team Race2Recovery. Three members of the team, Justin Bischall, John Winskill and Lee Townend, were injured to varying degrees and sent to the hospital in Lima.

As the accident took place, another taxi had to make a sudden maneuver to avoid the collision but ended up turning to the side of the road.  The vehicle that preceeded it struck one of the vehicles of the first accident, injuring seven others, four of whom were sent to the hospital.

Peruvian authorities are currently investigating the details of the accident.

The Race2Recovery team consists of former British and American soldiers who fought in the war in Afghanistan, many of whome are combat amputees.

The Dakar Rally started last Saturday in Peru and will finish in Chile on 20th January. The rally takes place every year in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 2009 and is famous as one of the most challenging routes for its participants.

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The Indy Eye: 2012 Dakar Rally in Mar del Plata

The beginning of the new year in Argentina brings the start of the Dakar Rally, with the first bike leaving Mar del Plata’s naval base and heading south to Necochea. All the vehicles have to complete the five stages in Argentina and cross the Andes, where another five stages awaits on Chilean soil. The final stage entails crossing the Andes once more, but this time into Peru, where the dunes and the desert will test the drivers’ knowledge, patience and skill. Lima is the ultimate destination; the rally ends there on 15th January.

Competitors from all over the world came to Mar del Plata to compete in the rally and see the race start on New Year’s Day. Some 465 cars, bikes and trucks entered this year’s competition. Champion drivers, such as Qatar’s Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah (the champion from 2011) and Russia’s Vladimir Chagin (champion in trucks in 2011), came back once more for another round.

This is the fourth time the prestigious rally has been held in South America. Founded in France, the first Paris-Dakar Rally was held in 1979. Unfortunately due to security reasons, the competition was canceled in 2008. However, the organisers found safer terrain in South America and so a new tradition was born. This course presents a whole set of new challenges for the competitors. They have to contend with various deserts, canyons, and many many mountains, forcing the riders and drivers to use both their brains and brawn to conquer the unknown and finish in one piece.

And not all do: Argentine driver Jorge Martínez Boero was killed in an accident on the first day. French contender Sebastien Coue succumbed to heat exhaustion after prolonged sun exposure, and his compatriot Bruno da Costa was hospitalised after hitting a cow and damaging his kidneys.

Photographer Irena Atanasoska shares her photos along with Adolfo Carrizo from the opening at Mar del Plata.

The Argentine delicacy chorizo is an inseparable part of any Argentine event. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

The sun made the Saturday afternoon unbearable for the elderly. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

People gathered wherever they could to get a good vantage point. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

The multitude of people stayed over five hours to greet all the drivers. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

Chilean rider Prohens Felipe pops a wheelie and behind him rides his brother Jaime. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

Johnny Aubert from France returns from the presentation of his bike. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

Champion Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah and his hummer drive through Mar del Plata to try for another win. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

When the cars and bikes weren't on sight the plane above was getting all the attention from the crowd. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

Frenchmen Pascal Thomasse and Pascal Larroque present their buggy Optimus. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

Argentine motorcyclist Boero Martinez rode the streets of Mar del Plata before his fatal accident. (Photo: Adolfo Carrizo)

Espinasse Sylvain from France stopped to take photos with a group of drunken fans. (Photo: Adolfo Carrizo)

The Dutchman Frans Verhoeven puts on a show for his fans. (Photo: Irena Atanasoska)

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Argentine Motorcyclist Killed in Dakar Rally

Argentine motorcyclist rider, Jorge Martinez Boero, died today in the first day of the Dakar rally.

Boero crashed off the course, accumulating head and chest injuries and died on the way to hospital in Mar Del Plata. It was his second appearance in the Dakar rally and he was the 21st competitor to die in the rally, since it began in 1979.

 His last twitter message read: “I’m going to give it everything to get to Lima… What doesn’t kill you, strengthens you”.

The 15-day race is from Argentina to Peru. Today, the race was from Mar del Plata to Santa Rosa de la Pampa. Chilean motorcyclist, Francisco Lopez, lead the motorbike section.

The rally used to be held in Africa but after several threats from gangs, it moved to South America four years ago.

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Death at the Dakar

The 2009 Dakar Rally recorded its first fatality today as French motorcyclist Pascal Terry was found dead three days after disappearing.

The 49-year-old had been declared missing during Sunday’s second stage of the rally which runs between Santa Rosa and Puerto Madryn. After a police search, Terry’s body was discovered in dubious circumstances at 2.10am today.

The organisers of the rally said: “He was found in a very inaccessible area of dense vegetation, 15m from his bike. He had removed his helmet and taken shelter with food and water.”

The La Pampa state police force is working to determine the cause of death.

According to La Nación newspaper, before competing in the Dakar, Terry had told friend Pascal Gilbert: “I think it’s going to be sensational. The course seems fabulous and we are going to be part of a great moment.”

This year’s 30th annual Dakar Rally is the first to be staged in Argentina and Chile. The infamously dangerous race had to be moved from its old course in Africa due to security fears.

Terry becomes the 49th competitor to be killed in the history of the Dakar Rally while several spectators have also lost their lives. At the close of Tuesday’s fourth stage, a total of 70 competitors had already been reported missing since the start of the rally.

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