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Ecuador: Journalists to Pay President Millions in Compensation

This morning a judge in Ecuador ordered two journalists to pay the president US$2m for a book they wrote which has been deemed slanderous.

Juan Carlos Calderón and Christian Zurita will each have to pay Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa US$1m in compensation, a court ruled today. Correa had originally filed for 10million.

In addition to that sum, they will also have to pay for Correa’s lawyers’ fee, amounting to around US$100,000.

The charge is based on “The Big Brother” a book the two men wrote together in which they investigate favourable contracts Fabricio Correa, the president’s brother, enjoyed with the state.

The 27-page sentencing stated the president’s, “honour, dignity, name, and professional reputation both inside and out the country,” had been hurt and he had suffered, “moral damage.”

The pair’s lawyer, Ramiro Aguilar, said the two men are going to appeal the sentence.

Today’s result was “a way of punishing journalistic work,” Calderón said, “the figure is disproportionate, absurd and irrational. We can only have seen US$10,000 between us.”

“Rafael Correa hasn’t take our dream away from us…this is a historic loss for him,” Zurita added, “he is not going to be able to get back up from this because he won’t be able to hide the books nor burn them.”

According to the news agency Andes, the president’s lawyer, Alembert Vera, said the decision set a good precedent and was, “a triumph of democracy, respect, dignity and honour.”

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