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Perú: Users Complain of Pollution in Tingo River

The board of Irrigation of the Tingo river in Perú filed a complaint with the Office of Environment in Cajamarca over the pollution caused by the mining companies.

The users explained that in the rainy season, toxic waste tailings from mining entering the tributaries in great quantity that give rise to the river.

This creates significant pollution in the waters catering to 23 channels of irrigation systems.

Because the complaint, the office undertook an inspection that was not advised to the mining companies.

In turn, the irrigators agreed to hold a vigil to identify companies that are shedding their tails into the streams that give rise to the river.

At the river’s beginning, mining companies conduct their operations in the mine San Nicolás and the mines Sinchao and Corona.

The Chairman of the Board of Irrigation, Raúl Rojas Anticona said that the prosecution withheld the actions to be taken against companies that have been caught throwing their tailings into the river.

At the same time, he recommended that irrigators should be careful when using the water for irrigation.

He said that they have a reddish color which shows a high percentage of toxic substances.

Story courtesy of Agencia Pulsar, a news agency run by AMARC-ALC network of community radios.

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