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Your Guide to New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires

“You know what they say, the way you spend New Year’s Eve is the same way you’ll spend the rest of the year.” – Hailey Nichol, The OC

In the spirit of this popular (and probably misguided) adage, we’ve come up with a list of ways you can enjoy New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires and ensure a great 2016.

Fireworks shoot over the Buenos Aires night sky (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

Fireworks shoot over the Buenos Aires night sky (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

In a city known for its crazy nightlife and parties that last until the sun rises, New Year’s Eve tends to be a surprisingly quiet, family affair in Buenos Aires. For travel junkies, the hot weather is a reason to pack up and head to a beach on the Atlantic Coast, Uruguay, or Southern Brazil, depending on your budget. But if you’re stuck here, there are more than enough things to keep you occupied beyond killing cockroaches and wishing your neighbours would turn the music down.

As a heads up, if your plan is to splurge and dine out on the 31st, be sure to make reservations as soon as possible because space fills up quickly. Also, try and avoid getting around close to midnight because getting public transportation or a taxi will be harder than sticking to your New Year’s resolutions.

Spend it With a Family

New Years is a time usually spent with family and friends in Argentina. If you don’t have family here, see if you can get in with someone else’s. Or spend it with friends. Hopefully you have some of those.

Leave the Cooking to the Pros

Before you start making drunken resolutions that won’t last longer than your New Year’s Day hangover (this includes slurred promises of “New Year, new me!”), you can at least end this year with a stress free meal.

Though not all restaurants are open on New Year’s Eve, some do offer special holiday menus. Try to plan ahead and eat somewhere close to your next destination, otherwise you might be stranded as the clock turns 12.

If you plan to watch fireworks in Puerto Madero, then La Cabaña is one option. The swanky joint will set you back $1,700 per person and $850 if you are between the ages of five to 12 (which I imagine you’re not if you’re reading this) and includes a glass of bubbly, wine, starters, dessert and a traditional meat fest.

La Parolaccia is also in Puerto Madero. This popular Italian restaurant is serving up a special menu for New Years that will include a live DJ and party favours.

Other promising options outside of Puerto Madero are Garbis, a Middle Eastern restaurant that has food like hummus, tabuli, mousakka if you’re tired of asados after Christmas. For a far more reasonable $690 per person ($345 for kids under ten), the meal includes wine, Middle Eastern desserts, fruits, and ice cream.

Almacen Secreto Club, a closed door restaurant in Colegiales is hosting a special feast for the New Year for $800 per person ($450 for under tens). The meal will include a meat and vegetarian option and will be in a cozy courtyard.

The view from the top of Palacio Barolo will give a spectacular vista on New Year's Eve. (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

The view from the top of Palacio Barolo will give a spectacular vista on New Year’s Eve. (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

Al Fresco

Unlike those miserable people freezing in their dresses and heels in the Northern Hemisphere, Buenos Aires will probably be balmy – read oppressively hot – on New Years Eve. Take advantage of it and head out to the streets where parties are sure to erupt, with fireworks.

More in the mood for something romantic? A stroll along Puerto Madero to watch the fireworks could be the ticket. You could also have a dinner at one of the many restaurants along the river and then later head out for a special tour of Palacio Barolo. The two hour tour will include champagne to celebrate the New Year at midnight and a prime view of the fireworks.

Party Party Party

If your idea of ringing in the New Year is in a club, surrounded by friends and sharing a kiss with the hottie you locked eyes with from across the bar…think again. Many clubs won’t open till after midnight so you’ll have to make some other plans beforehand. But if you haven’t gone too hard at your previa and are still up for a night out, these are a few clubs that know how to let the good times roll.

The annual Fiesta de Piso Compartido‘s special New Year’s edition at Club Araoz is a solid option. The big party brings together hostels in the city, Spanish institutes, travellers and Argentines to celebrate. Doors open at 1am, tickets $150 in advance or $200 at the door.

Magdalena’s Party, an expat-friendly bar, will be throwing a big party with a special menu that includes wine, brisket empanadas, turkey, sides and dessert for $350. After midnight there will be live music and an extended happy hour with two drinks for $95.

Other popular clubs like Asia de Cuba, Unicorn Husset, Club 69, and Crobar will also be hosting special New Year’s Eve parties that take you well into 2016.

*Lead image by Nicolás Lope de Barrios (via Flickr)

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Mysterious Soria Death Leads to Speculations

The ongoing investigation into the case of Carlos Soria, the governor of Río Negro, who died on Sunday of a gunshot wound, has of yet led to no solid suspects and is raising speculations due to its mystery.

Data collected so far has revealed that the death occurred in the master bedroom of the late governor and his wife, Susana Frydoz, and there is no evidence to suggest a trespasser was involved in the incident.

The police however, have confirmed that Frydoz and the couples’ son were in another room in the house during the incident. The widow has already appeared in court for a blood test, but no statement was taken.

The lack of official information from the courts and provincial government has led to some media reports to blaming a family argument for the murder, but without judiciary backing.

The provincial government have officially stated that the death was “presumably the result of a domestic accident”.

Soria was killed half-naked, after celebrating the New Year with his wife, three children, and wider family.

Tomorrow deputy governor Alberto Soria Weretilneck, of Frente Grande, will replace the deceased Patagonian governor.

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Top 5 New Year’s Eve Options

Although Buenos Aires is undeniably a party capital, New Year’s Eve is a surprisingly low-key affair and many people spend midnight with their families before heading to a party. Others join the mass exodus that is indicative of the start of the holidays, leaving the capital and either crossing the Río de la Plata to head to one of Uruguay’s many resorts, such as swanky Punte del Este to mingle with the jet-set, or to one of Argentina’s beach towns.

But if you aren’t able to escape the city over the period and are still at a loss as to what to do, The Indy brings you a variety of ways to see in 2012.

Fireworks shoot over the Buenos Aires night sky (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

Some key things to know: Don’t expect to get public transport or a cab anywhere around midnight on the 31st – so get wherever you want to early and be prepared to stay there until at least 4am, as it will be nigh-on impossible to move around the city. Do expect to spend money! For the holidays, many restaurants, shows and clubs jack their prices up, so throw out the idea of doing this particular Saturday night on the cheap. Also, book ahead! Many of the restaurants and shows will fill up in advance – don’t expect to wing it by just dropping by as you risk being disappointed.

If you are feeling you want to fit in with the local spirit, don’t forget your pink undies! It has recently come to our attention that it is tradition to wear them on New Year’s for good luck (something the Indy staff have not been doing, so imagine how good 2012 is going to be now we know this!)

One of the many beautiful dishes from El Baqueano-Carnes Autoctonas available on New Years'

1. Eating: Restaurants

A number of Buenos Aires’ fine eateries are doing special menus to see in the new year. As there is a word limit on this piece, we can’t highlight all of them here, instead bringing you a small overview of the restaurants we know are doing something special this Saturday. If you would like a complete list of the capital’s restaurants to find out what they are offering for yourself, visit our directory. Bear in mind that not all restaurants are open, so check in advance to avoid disappointment!

If you want to see 2011 out in true Argentine style (eating half a cow washed down with a malbec) La Cabrera parrilla in Palermo has a special New Year’s menu. For modern Argentine cuisine de autor, Casa Cruz in Palermo is offering tasting menus with wine. And if you want to go a little away from traditional Argentine, and move more into the experimental, El Baqueano in San Telmo has national meats that move away from the obvious ‘cow’ variety, into llama, caiman, wild boar and other offerings.

For something more international, try the following: Almacen Secreto (closed door, Colegiales), Astrid & Gastón (Peruvian, Palermo), Dehli Bar Downtown (Indian, San Telmo), Filo (Italian, Microcentro), La Maison (French, Palermo), María Félix (Mexican, Palermo), Sette Bacco (Italian, Recoleta), and Sipan (Japanese-Peruvian fusion, Palermo location).

If it’s more about drinking than eating, Aldo’s Vinoteca y Restorán is guaranteed to satisfy, as well as tantalizing your tastebuds with their New Year’s menu.

2. Eating: Big Hotels

As you would expect, the big hotels are all offering special menus for those wanting to dine in traditional luxury on the 31st. The evenings cater to a more international crowd, with a more European or North American approach to bringing in the new year.

The Park Hyatt (Recoleta), Alvear Palace Hotel (Recoleta), Four Seasons (Retiro), Marriott Plaza (Retiro), Hotel Castelar (Microcentro), and the Sofitel (Retiro) all have special evenings planned. The fare is pretty much the same with all of them – dinner with a show, followed by dancing in old style glamour.

For a hotel with a difference, offering a more up-beat New Year’s celebration, gay-friendly Axel Hotel in San Telmo has a special dinner with tango show, followed by set by DJ Tomas Abella. The dinner is for guests only, but the party and copious amounts of champagne can be enjoyed by all who want to drop by.

3. Dinner Shows

As to be expected in the world capital of tango, many venues are putting on a special new year’s menu and celebrating the coming of 2012 with spectacular dinner shows. Esquina Carlos Gardel (Abasto) is hosting a ‘Noche de Gran Reveillon’; Complejo Tango (Once), Confiteria Ideal (Microcentro), El Viejo Almacen (San Telmo), La Ventana (San Telmo), and Señor Tango (Barracas) are all hosting special dinner shows.

Bored of tango? If you are after a dinner show with a difference, why not go for flamenco at Tiempo de Gitanos or Al Shark‘s Arabian Nights show, both in Palermo.

For a complete list of tango shows, visit our directory, and  those looking for non-tango shows, can visit the website Reserva Tu Cena Show, where many have special nights planned for the 31st.

The view from the top of Palacio Barolo will give a spectacular vista on New Year's Eve. (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

4. Outdoors

Want to revel in the summer night rather than sweating it up in a club or bar? Well, Buenos Aires has some great options for hanging out and watching the midnight fireworks in more natural environs, and could be either a pre-club plan or an option for those who want to make the most of the first day of 2012.

A popular choice is to head down to Puerto Madero and watch the fireworks from along the docks or on the bridges. The neighbourhood has a huge variety of restaurants where you could choose to dine before the clock strikes, as well as at least one club that is hosting a new year’s party, making the fireworks a solid option to build a night around.

Across town, the Planetarium is another option for those wanting to lie back on the grass and watch the skies light up as the clock chimes. Generally a popular choice with locals, the parks fill up and make for a festival-like atmosphere which feels far away from the bustle of Buenos Aires.

A final choice, technically outdoors, is Palacio Barolo’s New Year’s tour, culminating in champagne on the building’s terrace at midnight, with a spectacular view of the fireworks 100-metres above street level.

5. Dancing

Want to party like it’s 1999? Well, many of the big clubs are hosting special new years parties, although like everything in Buenos Aires, they start late, most kicking off after midnight. So they are great options for continuing the night into the morning of the 1st January, but won’t play host to your midnight toast, alas.

Buenos Aires clubbing can be an all night affair (Photo: Beatrice Murch)

If you want to mix with an international crowd, from 1am onwards you can head to Piso Compartido’s party at Club Niceto in Palermo. They are expecting to see 1,400 revellers from all over the world dancing in the club and promise surprises, games, and medialunas at 7am for everyone still standing. The music is a mixture of rock, pop, latino and 80s.

Asia de Cuba is a great post-fireworks option for those in Puerto Madero. The party kicks off at 1am with music that promises to be varied and very danceable, including electronic, house, rock and regatton.

Over in Palermo, the clubs along the costanera will fill up late, and any one of them could be a great option if midnight was spent by the Planetarium. Many have international DJs over from Europe or North America, who will be playing the best techno and electronica beats well into the morning. Crobar and Pacha are a couple worth noting.

And outside of the Palermo circuit, Amerika in Almagro and La Boutique (formerly Museum) in San Telmo both have big nights planned.

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