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Music for the Weekend: Massacre

Masscre performing (courtesy of Massacre FB)

Argentine rock band Massacre, originally formed under the name Massacre Palestina in 1985 and since then have racked up an impressive 12 albums and an array of live performances.

The band’s original members, Richard Serafini (vocals), Guillermo “Walas” Cidade (guitar), Francisco “Paco” Ruiz Fereyra (drums) and José “Topo” Armetta (bass), came together while they were still in high school.

Influenced by the sounds of North American rock bands the Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, they released a self-titled first album, ‘Massacre Palestina’, in 1987.

But these early years would see some significant changes: Serafini left the group and was replaced by “Walas” as lead singer, Pablo Mondelo joined the band to take his place on guitar, and in 1992 the band dropped Palestina from its name following a terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires.

The change in name represented a change in fortunes for the band, who that year signed a record deal with the label Tommy Gun Records/Warner. The emerging album ‘Sol Lucet Omnibus’, contained the hit song ‘Nuevo Día’ and opened many doors for the band, who went on to support artists such as The Chinese Dragons, Agnostic Front and The Ramones.

Between touring the country and playing in rock festivals, Massacre recorded their third album, ‘Galería Deseperanza’. Released in 1994, it grouped its songs in accordance with three concepts: perception, description and searching.

The following year, the band made an independent recording, ‘L’alma Occulta’, whilst in London, and one year later were back in the studio in Argentina recording their punk album ‘Juguetes Para Olvidar’ with producer Flavio Cianciarulo, from Fabulosos Cadillacs.

Following performances at Festival Alternativo, alongside international artists Cypress Hill, Marilyn Manson and Nick Cave, Massacre seemed unstoppable and a series of band member changes followed suit.

Federico “Fico” Piskorz joined the group as an acoustic guitarist, just as the group’s bass guitarist “Topo” left, and Luciano “Bochi” Facio, former bass player of Uaita, became the newest member.

With the new formation, ‘Aerial’ was recorded by Sum Records, and appeared in November 1998 featuring many guest musicians.

By 2000 the band had left Sum Records to create their own label, Laika Records, on which they would release an album of live recordings, rare and remixed versions and a few covers. But shortly after this transition came further changes to the make up of the band.

Drummer “Paco” was replaced by “Chachi” – another former member of Uaita who would not stay with them for long. Together they recorded a six songs album ‘Fue una suerte…’ but it was not until two years later, when Charly Carnota, the former drummer of RIP and Tintoreros, had already taken Chachi’s place, that the band would release another full length album.

The new recording, ‘12 Nuevas Patologías’, explored fears, phobias and denials, and was originally edited by their own label but later re-edited by PopArt. A live album also followed retrospectively combining 16 songs from performances at the beginning of their career.

Massacre made an appearance in the 2006 Spanish-Argentine movie ‘Cara de Queso’, directed by Ariel Winograd, who had already worked with them on the music videos for ‘Te Leo Al Revés’ and ‘Nuevo Día’. Their performance of Sergio Denis’ hit song ‘Te Quiero Tanto’ won them the 2007 Gardel Award in the soundtrack category.

The band’s 11th album, ‘El Mamut’, was voted the fourth best Argentine album in the top 50 records of 2007 by readers of the Rolling Stone magazine and was also nominated as a national album in Página 12 and the music magazine Los Inrockuptibles.

Still going strong, Massacre recorded their 12th album this year. Titled ‘Ringo’ in honour of a legendary Argentine boxer, it features 11 new songs including their most recent single ‘Tanto Amor’.

Genre: Hard-core punk and psychedelic rock

Dates Active: 1985-present

In their own words: “We were always trendy. In the 80s we were popular among the skaters. In the 90s we were hip with the indie rock scene, although we were always more dependent than independent. And currently we’re trendy because rock is considered cool nowadays.”

Most Famous Song: ‘Nuevo Día’

Best lyric: “To remember the truth from a sad day, to dig, to deepen, is the simplest way, to lighten, to fill with light, the cracks in my soul.”

Famous for: Being one of Argentina’s pioneering hard-core punk bands

Best to listen to: Whilst driving, or in loud bar

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