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Jazz/Blues Nights at Tabaco Bar


You might not have noticed it even if you live near by – Tabaco bar is sort of hidden. After passing the door and going down the stairs, you will be in a cave somewhere below Estados Unidos and Paseo Colon. But there is nothing creepy or weird about it, and you will not have the time to even think about that as you are immediately immersed in really good music.

Jazz nights at Tabaco bar (photo: Bodhi Stanberry)

Jazz nights at Tabaco bar (photo: Bodhi Stanberry)

The first thing you will see is the band, clearly enjoying themselves as they create their sound with a variety of instruments. Thursdays at Tabaco bar is all about jazz and blues improvisation – you will not listen to Herbie Hancock’s ‘Watermelon Man’ or Duke Ellington’s ‘Mood Indigo’ – but you will have the chance to listen to something that will never be played again.

There are multiple ways to enjoy the place. You can chat with the bar tender, who seems to come out of a Quentin Tarantino movie – think long hair, wide open shirt, and easy smile. Behind him, the house rule: ‘what you could drink tomorrow, you can drink now’. Luckily, the prices mean your wallet will not be empty when you go home – a beer, fernet, or basic whisky will set you back around $25. 

Once you have spent enough time with the funny-looking people around the bar, the choice is to either join the middle-age crowds conversing quietly on round tables, or get to the back of the room to dance and binge drink with excited teenagers. It is up to you, but it doesn’t really matter as your focus will always be on the jazz band.

Jazz improvisation (photo: Bodhi Stanberry)

Jazz improvisation (photo: Bodhi Stanberry)

The musicians are not really part of a band, and some do not even consider themselves ‘professional’. But they are seriously gifted. And they are led by Ciro Fogliatta, who became famous in the 60s with legendary Argentine rock band Los Gatos. Maybe the fact that they do not take themselves seriously adds something to their sound – they do not have any pressure on their shoulders. And neither do you, at this very moment. 

If you are not really into jazz/blues, don’t worry. These jams only happen on Thursdays. The rest of the week, you can enjoy a good old rock band at Tabaco, with the same cool atmosphere and the same good value whisky.

Tabaco Bar, Estados Unidos 265, 4232-9794, Jazz/Blues nights every Thursday from 9pm, free admission. From more information, click here.

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