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The Indy is produced by a professional team of journalists, photographers, cameramen and editors based in Buenos Aires, who are both from Argentina and overseas. The Argentina Independent is run by three professional editors who coordinate the project:

Kristie Robinson came to Argentina at the start of 2006 and is the founder of The Argentina Independent. Kristie is a British journalist, who has worked in both the UK and overseas, having previously worked in Bolivia. Since coming to Argentina, Kristie has continued writing for overseas publications, working for media as diverse as BBC, NPR, Marie Claire, and Lonely Planet, as well as co-founding Ambientate, an organisation aimed at increasing environmental awareness in Argentina. During 2013 Kristie worked as Outreach Director for GoodPitch2 Buenos Aires, a documentary film event co-founded by BritDoc and Sundance, aimed at promoting social justice documentaries.  

Marc Rogers is a British multimedia journalist who came to Buenos Aires in 2007, after several years working in London. He has since covered the region’s political, economic, and business climate as a freelance reporter and photographer for a number of publications in the UK and US. After contributing a number of articles, Marc joined the editorial team of The Indy in 2010.

Celina Andreassi is an Argentine journalist who has spent several years living abroad. She studied political science at the University of Buenos Aires and decided to use her background to write about politics and current affairs. She is currently doing a Masters in Journalism at the University of La Plata. After contributing a number of articles, Celina came on board as an editor and coordinator in 2012.

If you are interested in joining The Argentina Independent team, please get in touch! Whilst we are not looking for any permanent staff – and are currently unable to pay contributions – we are always looking for new ideas and article pitches, as well as photographic contributions. Please email [email protected] for more information.


The Indy also runs four (unpaid) internship programmes, covering journalism, photography, video journalism, and marketing and events. All interns must be able to offer at least three months commitment to The Indy, and be able to work a minimum of 25 hours a week. For more information on any of the internships, please email [email protected]

– Journalism internships are ideal for graduates of Spanish and journalism who are looking for some hands-on work experience whilst experiencing a different culture. There are three journalism internship programmes a year, starting in January, May, and September. Applicants must have some written journalism experience and have a high level of Spanish.

– Photography internships are ideal for those who are wanting to develop their photographic skills and build on experience they have already acquired. The role entails shooting images to go alongside stories, editing and uploading the images onto the website. It is a mixture of office-based and in the street with journalists doing stories, and full training will be given.

– Video journalism internships will allow budding filmmakers and students of cinema to gain documentary experience. We are looking for people with good camera work and experience of editing to shoot short documentary-style films to go alongside stories, editing and sound production. The internship is a mixture of office based and in the street with journalists doing stories, and full training will be given.

– Marketing and events interns work alongside The Indy’s commercial and editorial teams, helping coordinate the numerous events The Indy organises and also working to increase the publication’s presence in the tourism, expat and Argentine English-speaking communities.