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A Weekend in Tigre


There is a place just 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires that makes you feel as if you have taken two aeroplanes and arrived in Indochina. I am not talking about tele-transportation or travelling through the stratosphere as our former president mentioned. I insist, just 30 minutes away from your home, or hotel, or B&B in Buenos Aires, you are able to experience Tigre (yes, tiger in Spanish). I still don’t know why it’s called tigre and not puma or yaguareté or gato montés, after our local wild felines, but well…this is not the point. The point, or the spot in this case, is that I finally recommend a trip, and that trip is to Tigre.

First I believe it’s the perfect place to take your señorita, yes, your beloved or the one you want to be your beloved. The perfect weekend begins. First try not to go out Friday night so you can leave Saturday morning as I did, or in case you really want to go out, book your hotel in Tigre for two nights, from Friday to Sunday. I highly recommend Villa Julia, an old mansion from 1906, which has the perfect energy to get rid of problems and make you already feel somewhere else in the republic of Tigre.

Begin Saturday morning in Puerto de Frutos, full of handicraft artisans, plant sellers, fruit sellers, woodwork, rustic furniture, everything… Tigre is all about the river: old obsolete embarkations, similar to the ‘Popeye the Sailor’ ones – some look as if they were designed on a child’s drawing. After this first romantic walk, enchanting your señorita with your capacity for dialogue with vendors and local people, showing off your Spanish skills, it could be a good moment for checking in at Villa Julia or in case you already checked in yesterday, you may walk around Parque de la Costa and soak up the eternally surreal experience of an amusement park mixed with a kind of circus atmosphere.

Time for lunch, go to the area of the Museo Naval, there are many restaurants, very local affairs at the side of the river, good for pizzas, and milanesas, and tira de asados – never order any French-styled or snobby dish cause it won’t be good for sure.

After lunch and couple of beers or beverages, go to the Museo de Arte del Tigre, or MAT. The perfect building, survivor of Buenos Aires Belle époque, a brilliant monument of architecture, filled with great paintings by Quinquela Martin, Rugendas, Roux, Berni and other Argentine artists.

To be continued…

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